Noschi Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can you be sure of the quality of Noschi moccasins/products?

Our baby moccasins are handmade with soft leather soles that are anatomically designed to promote the healthy development of the baby’s feet. Not only are they comfortable to wear but are equally easy to put on or take off due to the elastic band which also keeps the baby's feet in place.

We only use high-quality materials that are also chemical-free to make them suitable for baby feet. Our baby shoes are crafted with lightweight, soft, and breathable leather material to mimic the barefoot effect in babies while protecting the little feet from dirt, injury, heat, or cold.

At Noschi, we pay attention to detail while designing our products. Our skilled designers consider factors like sole wear, flexibility, breathability, weight, fit, and traction as well as aesthetics like colors, textures, and details. We ensure these moccasins will survive the test of time so that you can have them as a keepsake as the first baby shoes of your little ones.

2. What are the 5 reasons to invest in leather shoes for your kids?


Leather is a breathable material that allows the circulation of air within the shoes, making it the perfect material for baby shoes.


Leather moccasins adapt to the shape of baby’s feet to offer more comfort, room, and flexibility for the little feet to move around. Baby shoes should not be too tight as they might hinder the foot development of your baby.


The light-weightedness of leather is a great factor in making them the perfect material for baby shoes. Your baby can learn to take first steps with more ease and comfort as leather soles mimic exactly being barefoot.

Good Grip

Leather soles provide good friction and grip that prevents the slipping and tripping of your baby or toddler. Our moccasins are flat-soled which further prevents the risk of slipping.

Durable & Long Lasting:

Leather outlives any synthetic material because it’s resistant to tearing, cracking, splitting, and abrasions. The durable nature of leather makes it a perfect fit for baby shoes that new parents can also save as a keepsake for the first walking shoes of their baby.

3. Is Noschi a certified brand?

Noschi is an Oeko-Tex and CE-certified brand for amigurumi toys. Moreover, our baby shoes are carefully crafted with certified chrome-free leather material to protect the little feet while also being eco-friendly. Our products are hand-sewn and don't contain harmful chemicals in any step of protection.

Is Noschi a trustworthy brand?

We are a Berlin-based brand and our production unit is located in Izmir, Turkey which is well-known for quality leather resources. We offer a satisfaction guarantee with a complete money-back offer in case you find the quality doesn't match the products advertised. 

Noschi has a prominent market presence on Etsy, the fourth biggest marketplace in the U.S. where our store has 200+ 5-star ratings from satisfied customers. Visit our Etsy shop at this link.

5. Who is Noschi?

Noschi is a women-owned and operated business based in Berlin, Germany. We believe in women's empowerment and have been recruiting aspiring women for each production process at Noschi. Noschi is a fast-growing business that supports small businesses, fair trade, women's equality, non-discriminatory company policies, and a family-friendly work environment. 

6. What are the order processing and shipping time?
  • We handmade each pair of baby moccasins with love and care within 7-10 business days.
  • Worldwide express shipping of Noschi products takes 2-5 days.
7. Where can customers find the size guide for baby moccasins?

Click here to access our elaborated size guide to help you choose the pair of shoes that perfectly fits your baby.