26 best gift ideas new parents will love

When it comes to selecting gifts for first-time mothers, there are certain things to ask yourself before the purchase. “Is it going to make the new parents happy?”, “Would this gift be useful?”, and “Is it safe for the baby?” Don’t worry, We’ve compiled a list of cute, useful, and safer gifts that new parents will love. Also, you’ll save time brainstorming for the best present to buy for first-time mothers and daddies.


Besides these basic considerations, you can take another great initiative for supporting new and individual businesses. To perform our part, all the gift suggestions presented in this post are from Etsy, which has been supporting small creative businesses dealing in handmade products, since 2005.


Let alone during this pandemic month, Etsy invested around $5,000,000 for the sustenance of startup businesses. We’ve tried to include the best selling handcrafted gift items from small-scaled sellers worldwide at Etsy.


Now let’s get started with the best gift ideas for new parents!


26 gift ideas for first time mothers and babies

  1. Custom funny baby onesies
  2. Baby gift box
  3. Baby moccasins
  4. Family name custom print frame
  5. Puzzle
  6. Baby memory book
  7. Baby Milestone Chalkboard Sign
  8. Mothers necklace
  9. Headband
  10. Diaper bag
  11. Personalized MAMA-necklace
  12. Baby socks
  13. Baby bands
  14. New mom gift basket
  15. Nursery print wall art
  16. Milestone blocks
  17. New mom wine labels
  18. New mom and dad mugs
  19. Mom wine glass
  20. New mom pampering spa box
  21. Mama and baby shirt set
  22. Personalized mommy pajama pants
  23. New moms gift candle
  24. Birthstone rings for mothers
  25. Nursery painting art
  26. Nursery décor-set of 3 prints




1.    Custom funny baby onesies




Baby onesies with custom texts are perfect for new mothers. These LittleLooksCo’s onesies are customizable with the newborn’s name, date or birth or even quotes to fill up the air with love. Besides, it’s made up of 100% cotton, which can keep the newborn comfortable, snug, and cozy.


2.   Baby gift box


 If you’re not aware of the baby’s gender yet, you can safely go for a gender-neutral baby gift box by SonyaCrochetToys. The package comes with a sloth rattle and pacifier clip attached with an organic wooden toy, all handcrafted and baby-safe. To ensure the newborn’s protection, all products from this store are made in a pet-free, and smoke-free home. New parents will adore this handmade gift box full of cute baby’s goodies.


3.   Baby moccasins


Baby moccasins can serve as useful yet adorable gifts for first-time mums. Scientific researches suggest that leather moccasins are healthier for pre-walking, crawling, and walking babies as compared to hard-sole shoes. The baby moccasins handcrafted by Noschi contain antibacterial leather soles and don't contain any harmful chemicals. This makes them one of the safest and useful gift choices, the new parents will love.


4.   Family name custom print frame



For the new parents, anything related to their baby is special. Gifting them their newborn’s name framed beautifully along with its meaning is an ideal gift for the nursery room. Go and check out TheFamousPaige for amazing customizable newborns nursery signs. These frames are super cute for the baby’s photoshoots and can serve as a long-lasting keepsake from your side to the newborn’s parents.



5.   Puzzle


Newborn's birth stats puzzle from Hldesigns25 is a unique custom gift for first-time mothers. New parents can use this as a nursery sign for their baby, and It’ll make a good puzzle toy for the little one in the coming months. The puzzle material is wooden and large-sized, safer for the babies to play with. This product is eco-friendly and handcrafted which adds more value to your present. Especially if the new parents are environmentalists.


6.   Baby memory book


The next gift idea on our list is a baby’s memory book, which new parents will definitely get for themselves after their pregnancy awareness. What a better idea to rather buy it for them. It’ll save their money and yet it's an emotional gift idea for first-time mothers. The baby memory book by FunnyBunnyBabyShop can record the newborn’s first haircut, first step, first visitors, handprints, footprints, sonogram, and anything else which happens to the newborn for the first time. This gift memory book will always be special for the new parents.



7.   Baby Milestone Chalkboard Sign




Another great gift idea for new parents is a newborns milestone chalkboard by LovePaperStudioCo. This can make an ideal gift for baby showers, and first-time mothers. You can mention the baby’s name, age, weight, favorite foods, colors, toys, and anything he loves. You can add your customizable questions, and funny traits of the baby to make it more special for the new parents, and the baby.


8.   Mothers necklace


Sometimes, new mothers can get tired of receiving gifts meant for the baby only. It’s better to think out of the box and reward the newborn's mother as well. This mother's necklace by IdaJewelryDesign can make first-time mothers feel special for themselves. You can select the birthstones for the new moms to add a more customized touch to your present. We’ll recommend you do some research on the new parent’s birth stats to find out their birthstones. It’ll surprise them how thoughtful your gift had been. This gift can also be given on the first mothers' day by the baby.


9.   Headband


The next product on our list is a BohoBowAccessories headband, which can serve as the best present for a new mum. Headbands for baby girls can save parents time for explaining their child’s gender. This baby girl’s headband is handcrafted from fine velvet to ensure the newborn's comfort and safety. It can be worn by 2 weeks to 4 years old babies, making it a long-lasting gift for first-time mothers.


10.                Diaper bag


A very useful present for a new mother is an extra-large diaper bag from AtelierFarfallina at Etsy. This diaper bag contains four compartments to hold different diapering items. Diapers, baby wipes, creams, and toiletries can all get comfortably inside the bag. The vibrant print of the bag is also gender-neutral and can add colors to the baby’s nursery without being typical pinks and blues. It’s a rather practical gift idea that new parents will appreciate and love.



11.                Personalized MAMA-necklace


Up next in our new parent’s gift list are personalized handmade necklaces for postpartum mothers. This KyliePersonalized’s necklace has the initials M-A-M-A, which definitely melt the hearts of new moms. After all, they’d be waiting for the time their newborn will call them by “mama”. You can choose from multiple materials, gold, silver, rose-gold for the new mothers. It’s a good present for new mums to appreciate their motherhood efforts and struggles.


12.                Baby socks


If you’re looking for a cute baby gift for the new parents, then check out these socks from LittleModernLLC. These bunny socks are super cute and comfortable for the little feet. The best part lies in it being an eco-friendly product, made from 100% cotton. Besides, these adorable pairs of socks are breathable and much affordable. They’re handmade socks, designed to keep the baby’s feet safe and secure because no harmful chemicals are added during its manufacturing.



13.                Baby bands


What a cuter gift to give new parents than a lovely baby headband! This SirCusShop headpiece is specially made to cater the newborns. Handcrafted with pure cotton and natural plant dyes. These bands don’t contain any chemicals that make them safer for the babies. It claims to prevent any allergies or skin issues with newborns. Considering it being a baby-friendly product, it can make the best present for a new mum.


14.                New mom gift basket


If you’re looking for a relaxing organic bathing kit for new mothers, then check out this AlohaFromNature gift basket. You can choose from 5 baskets containing different products. All-natural, relaxing, and eco-friendly at the same time. From organic shampoo bars, cream scrubs, and shower steamers to bath bombs, headbands, and stress-relieving bath salts. This basket is a much needed present for overtired postpartum mothers.


15.                Nursery print wall art


Another brilliant gift idea for new mums is the attractive bunny wall art for a baby’s nursery. This animal poster by Atolye5 originally comes with a pink and grey color scheme, perfect for newborn baby girls. You can choose from a variety of prints to make a set of complementing wall arts. This is a useful gift that new parents will love for their baby’s nursery decor.



16.                Milestone blocks


Milestone blocks by BebeboxOfficial would be highly appreciated by the new parents who love to record memories with their newborn. This milestone set can be arranged in days, weeks, months, and year formats and best used during the baby’s photoshoot depicting his/her age with these blocks. Thankfully these are made from organic wood and don't contain any chemicals or toxic dyes which makes them a good present for a new mum.



17.                New mom wine labels


PaprikaPaperie’s wine labels are specially designed for first-time mothers. These labels depict quotations that are funny, sassy, and heart-touching. The labels are purely handmade with care. Also, they're waterproof, and self-adhesive, easily sticking to the wine bottles. New mothers are going to love this thoughtful gift idea. As per the product reviews, every first-time mother enjoys these wine labels and relates to the sayings on them.


18.                New mom and dad mugs


If you’re looking for a useful gift set for first-time parents, then this mug set by TeaAndJo can serve the purpose quite well. These mugs have separate complementary designs for the mom and dad. Each design is permanently printed on either side of the mug by hand. The best part is you can customize the mugs, mentioning the names of the new parents. These new parent’s mugs can be used as a pregnancy announcement gift as well as the first mothers day gift by the baby.


19.                Mom wine glass


Next on our list are these handcrafted, personalized mom wine glasses by Belovedbespoke. The funny quote “Waited 9 months for this'' can bring joy to the newborn’s mom. You can choose from different colors, and customize it by adding the new mommy’s name before the quotation. It’s a very thoughtful and sassy gift for first-time mothers and will definitely make them happy. This can also make a good gift for new mom mothers day


20.                New mom pampering spa box


The most desired thing by a postpartum mother is relaxing herself during a busy motherhood period with a newborn. The Moelian’s pampering spa box will serve as a breath of fresh air to a mother's hectic routine. It contains all organic products including natural bath salts, soaps, lip balms for mothers and babies. The gift box is an ideal one that caters to the new mom and the baby at the same time. This is the best present for a new mum, considering it can help them destress and relax.


21.                 Mama and baby shirt set


Another great gift idea for first-time mothers is this mama and baby same design shirt by Sookibykaur at Etsy. This gift set can be fully customized for either baby girls or baby boys. These handcrafted shirt pairs are super comfy made up of pure cotton material, making them a good present for a new mum. You can print funny quotations or initials of the new mother and the baby on the shirts, to make this present more personalized.


22.                Personalized mommy pajama pants


These pajama pants by MagnoliaMonogramLLC can make the new moms comfortable and a personalized monogram can make them happier. You can simply order the store for the full name or initials of the first-time mothers to be embroidered on these stretchable pajamas. The fabric prints are vibrant with abstract designs and can serve as the best present for a new mum.


23.                New moms gift candle


Nothing would be more appreciated by a postpartum mother than a gift focused entirely on her relaxation and de-stressing. This candle gift from WanderingMomShop is a good present for new mums as it contains surprise healing crystals that are completely revealed until the candle burns. Besides the rejuvenating stones, the candle contains essential oils to further help the new moms relax. These candles also come with a Thank You gift card symbolizing motherhood.


24.                Birthstone rings for mothers


IdaJewelryDesign allows you to add personalized birthstones into a gift ring. It’s a very thoughtful gift idea for new parents and you can add the new mom’s, her partner’s, and the baby’s birthstone altogether in the same ring. The ring design is a minimalist one and carefully handcrafted. This would be a special and memorable gift for the new mums; they'd love it.


25.                Nursery painting art



The next gift for first-time mums is these lovely painting arts by ElzaFoucheArt shop at Etsy. The illustration showing a mom holding her newborn is adorable to be gifted to postpartum mothers. You can customize it with whatever colors you want in the photo and also add a personalized text to cheer up first-time mothers. These wall arts will look great in the baby’s nursery, and remind the new moms of the thoughtful gift you've chosen for her.




26.                Nursery décor-set of 3 prints


Another amazing gift idea is this nursery decorative prints from YorkshirePrintsCo. These are customizable up to the new parent’s taste for the baby’s nursery. Also, they are the super cute unicorn and rainbow illustrations with the color theme of blues, pinks, and gold. These nursery prints look great when framed and can be used for a baby girl or a baby boy’s room. So no worries if you’re gifting these to soon-to-be parents, before the baby’s gender is revealed.


That was the full list of gifts you could give to the new parents at the baby shower, childbirth, first baby’s birthday, and even mothers day for the first-time mothers. I hope you’ll find the best one out of these 26 gift ideas to surprise the new parents with adorable, useful, and thoughtful presents.